Award-wining professor and Grandmaster in decision science joins the QAMPO team


Press release: Aarhus TECH start-up attracts award-winning professor to the team. (in danish)

The Aarhus-based start-up QAMPO strengthens the team with the internationally honored researcher, Professor David Pisinger.

The young Aarhus start-up QAMPO is prospering, and with several international customers, the company is teaming up with the most prominent brains in decision science algorithms; a field where QAMPO aims to become the world leader.

David Pisinger, professor at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), has become co-owner of the company and will act as QAMPO’s CRO (Chief Research Officer) from the office in Copenhagen. David will take the lead on incorporating results from the latest research into QAMPO’s solutions, expanding collaboration with research institutions, and developing new technologies and solution methods. David Pisinger continues as a professor at DTU, enabling him to act as a bridge-builder for innovation and knowledge transfer.

David Pisinger has headed a number of national and international research projects within the field of logistics and transport. His experience can be applied to ensure cutting-edge technology within QAMPO’s products, including intelligent planning solutions within passenger transport, which QAMPO provides to international bus and rail operators in collaboration with the global provider of passenger transport software solutions, Trapeze Group.

“With a capacity like David Pisinger on board at QAMPO, the transport industry will get access to solutions based on the most recent knowledge of decision science. Public transport is facing a huge challenge due to increased competition, environmental considerations and increasing expectations for a high service level. To meet these challenges, it is crucial for the industry to find better and more efficient ways to plan and make decisions. Hence, David Pisinger’s knowledge of mathematical optimization of the transport industry will become a great asset,” explains Jesper Ulsted, CEO of Trapeze Group Europe.

David’s unique skills will also be brought into play in QAMPO’s groundbreaking process-planning solution flowplanner, developed in collaboration with the healthcare sector to ensure optimum treatment of patients.

The Technical University of Denmark strengthens the use of research in business

“QAMPO is a great partner to promote innovation and knowledge transfer between universities and businesses. Thanks to QAMPO’s high professional level, we can now jointly develop high-tech solutions for the benefit of businesses and communities,” says David Pisinger and continues,

“At the same time, QAMPO can provide universities with knowledge of exciting issues that require the development of new high-tech solutions. This knowledge can be subject to research and teaching for the benefit of both society and students.”

“Way too often, research results are not used in society because the findings are not yet applicable to companies and communities, who not only need a high-tech product, but also an intuitive user interface, stable operations, and not least an insistent focus on improving decisions. This is where QAMPO and its partners come into the picture,” says David Pisinger.

David Pisinger is assigned to the Department of Management Science at the Technical University of Denmark. Head of the department, Professor Jesper Larsen, sees the cooperation as a recognition of the strong research environment within decision science at DTU. He adds: “At the Technical University of Denmark, we are actively working to put our research within decision science into play and we have established an internationally strong research group. David is an outstanding researcher within this field. He has an excellent understanding of both foundational results as well as applications in businesses and society. The collaboration with QAMPO gives us new opportunities to deliver international top research for the benefit of Denmark.”

The dream: To build the world’s best workplace and environment for decision scientists

Ali Khatam, CEO and Co-Founder of QAMPO, adds: “It’s a great recognition of our team and our mindset that we can attract a capacity like David Pisinger. This is a man with numerous awards and prizes as well as 11,000+ citations in Google Scholar, who in the future will help to further develop QAMPO’s solutions and expertise.

Thanks to the enormous development of computer technology and computing power, our innovative solutions and deep know-how make it possible for us to utilize the opportunities for decision science far better today than just a few years ago. More and more industries, including the health and transport sectors, will use our algorithms, giving them insight into the concrete economic and operational consequences of the decisions they make. You can say that we not only give our customers the basis for the best decisions but provide a decision-making GPS so that our customers can predict the effect of their decisions before they are made. In this way, we can add intelligence to any industry.”

“We are passionate about making a big difference for our country and with some of Denmark’s strongest capacities within Mathematical Modeling, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Decision Science at QAMPO’s team, we are a proof of the huge pool of talent that you see in Denmark today. And we want to show this to the entire world. Thus, David’s approach will benefit both our customers and business partners.”



Karsten Nygaard Henriksen, Decision Scientist, Co-Founder

Morten Riis, Decision Scientist, Co-Founder (award-winning Ph.D. within stochastic programming)

Ali Khatam, Decision Scientist, Co-Founder

Moonis Kamil, Co-owner, entrepreneur, Investor and Chairman of the Board

David Pisinger,  Professor of Management Science at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU Management, and adjunct professor at the University of Copenhagen. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen. Co-owner and CRO (QAMPO)

David has received numerous awards for his research and teaching, and he is frequently invited as lecturer at international conferences on transport and logistics. Far more than 11,000 quotes in international journals show that his work is frequently used to solve important issues in research and society.


For further information, please contact:

Ali Khatam, CEO, Co-Founder (QAMPO), tel: +45 25 45 47 47

Moonis Kamil, Chairman of the Board and Co-Owner (QAMPO), tel: +45 22 95 95 11

Jesper Ulsted, CEO (Trapeze Group Europe), tel: +45 31 18 16 30

Jesper Larsen, Professor, and Head of Department (DTU Management Science), tel: +45 45 25 33 85

David Pisinger, Professor (DTU Management Science), CRO and Co-owner (QAMPO), tel: +45 45 25 45 55