A change in mindset and a revolution that will transform the mindset about usage of data


One of the most important lessons I’ve made through my life is the importance of being aware of one’s mindset. The mindset is a big part of us people. It’s the DNA, the culture, the way we see the world and the way we find solutions to problems. Changing the mindset will therefore also lead to a change of even the same elements. When one’s mind changes, everything around one will also change.

Fx when it comes to the use of data...

What images do you get in your head when you think of data? Reports, dashboards, numbers, graphs, excel sheets, databases, 1’s and 0’s? What if you thought about data as registered (digitized) experience.

What pictures are there now in the head?

Do you dicuss whether it’s a good idea to use your personal experiences to promote the goods and prevent the bad cases? Can you use the experience in data in the same way? The answer is YES, of course you can!!

For many years one of my favorite phrases has been: “we drown in data and reports but thirsting for information and insights”. But is it more information we crave for? Or is it just more of the good decisions?

Insight and information are fantastic, concrete and typically easy to understand. It always makes you happy to get more understandable facts or even reasons for some topic or problem. But how good are we to convert insight and knowledge into good decisions? How do you know the effects of your decisions before they are made or which decision is the best one? That’s exactly what Decision science is about:

  • Predict what will happen
  • Simulate the consequences of before making the decision
  • Optimize and find the best decision from the enormous number of possible decisions

Decision Science is QAMPO’s core DNA. The way we think. The way we solve problems. The way we build software. The way we help our customers. Here is a short video about decision science in QAMPO .. ENJOY;)

Ali Khatam

Decision Scientist, Co-Founder at QAMPO