Integrated Optimization of Vehicle and Driver Scheduling in Public Transport

Growing populations in cities worldwide demand a well-organized public transport system that prevents long travel times, traffic congestion, road accidents and pollution. Public transport systems are considered to be the backbone of sustainable urban development. The passengers expect a high level of service; i.e. the transport system should be accessible, comfortable, affordable, and destinations can be reached quickly. The transport companies (suppliers) are interested in providing the service at minimal cost. Therefore, the main challenge faced by this companies is how to determine optimal plans offering high quality service to passengers, while minimizing asset and operating cost. Numerous conditions and regulations challenges the suppliers to plan efficient vehicle and drive schedules in quick time. Moreover, due to the complexity, vehicle and driver scheduling problems are solved as two different problems in a sequential manner. This project aims to integrate the scheduling problems which will lead to further cost reductions and efficiency gains for transport systems.

Shyam Sundar (2017) - Abstract